Stockholm Stock Exchange | OMXS30
3 months
Kepler CheuvreuxPareto SecuritiesCitigroupSEBDNBDNB MarketsHandelsbankenSEB EquitiesABG Sundal Collier

Price Targets For Investor

AnalystPrice TargetDateUpside
Kepler Cheuvreux187 SEKSep 19
Pareto Securities190 SEKJul 19
Citigroup165 SEKJul 19
SEB187 SEKJul 18
DNB210 SEKJul 18
DNB Markets230 SEKApr 22
Handelsbanken210 SEKJan 25
SEB Equities774 SEKApr -21
ABG Sundal Collier777 SEKApr -21

About The Company

Investor Aktiebolag is a Swedish investment company that was founded in 1916 and which since the beginning has been controlled by the Wallenberg family through the so-called Wallenberg Foundations, which are the main owners of the company. The company manages strong shares in primarily Swedish companies. Wikipedia